Our farm fresh, heritage Veggie Boxes are offered in 2 sizes and are available for weekly pickup at The Lytton Two Rivers Farmers Market or directly from our farm.

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Veggie Boxes

Made with fresh fruits, veggies and wild plants harvested from our farm and full of flavour! Currently only available for sale in season at our vendors space at The Lytton Two Rivers Farmers Market.

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Jams, Preserves & Teas

Cedar weaving is an ancient technology and a tradition learned from many. Experience the unique beauty, craftsmanship, and stories that go into each handmade piece. Functional baskets, bracelets, hats, bags and purses.

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Indigenous Cedar Weaving

Experience an unforgettable journey and explore the unique culture and history of Spapium Farm. Our tours offer an up-close look at our beautiful land and the stories of our ancestors that called it home.

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Cultural & Farm Tours

Campsites for the self-contained camper are available on daily or 7+ day rates for our ten spacious campsites on five acres.

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