About Spapium Farm

Spapium “Little Prairie” Farm is a Nlaka’pamux farm, located across from the junction of the Thompson and Fraser Rivers in British Columbia’s magnificent Fraser Canyon, BC, Canada.  Paula Cranmer-Underhill owns and operates Spapium Farm with her husband, Brian and daughters Brianna and Danielle.
The farm is a healing destination, growing good food in a good way using sustainable farming practices for the health of the land and water resources. We create abundance with a solid social outlook and Potlatch with each harvest to others who need nutritious food to fuel a healthy life.
Spapium is located at a historic meeting place, TlkemchEEn, aka Lytton, which was an important place of peacemaking in the early history of what is now British Columbia. Guests will leave enriched, not by the gold historically sought on the Gold Rush Trail by others, but by the cultural understandings shared through unique Nłeʔkepmx culture and history experiences on the land facilitated by your hosts, creating new knowledge and friendships to carry in the future. You will feel your life spirit reinvigorated by just being here.

Community Supported Agriculture

A Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) was established in the second year of our gardens (2016) to assist with the expenses of planting and growing the food. In 2017 we were farming on 3 one acre gardens of historically farmed land and include the existing acre Heritage Apple Orchard (with approximately 15 tree variety of apples, pear, cherry, and plums).  We have since planted approximately 20+ new fruit trees.  We have nearby wild foods and medicines traditionally harvested by Nłeʔkepmx local to Lytton. There is water access from Nicheyeah Creek.  Products are sold freshly harvested directly to consumers at the Spapium Farm Gate Pop Up Store and on-farm Special Events, and also at Farmers Markets, produce will be value-added and sold directly to consumers. We have additional land available nearby on two parcels totalling 16.65 Acres on two separate benches, one adjoining with a walking trail around a rock outcrop and the other just above on the next higher bench of land.

There is a need to get back to the land for physical, emotional, and spiritual health, and farming will provide opportunities to increase personal and community health as well as provide local food security and encourage economic development.

When fully developed the Farm will provide cabin accommodation and be a known Indigenous healing destination.  It will be a welcome place for guests to our family land at Spapium “Little Prairie” Farm, to come and stay for a while, to learn and relax, to create friendships and to reinvigorate spirits.  Check out our Spapium Camping, on the 5 acres next to our main farm.

Come and absorb the gifts of the land.